Hike to Delicate Arch


Delicate Arch is a must see in Arches National Park. With breath-taking views and an interesting terrain it was my favorite hike we took in this area. There is a viewpoint you can drive to, but I highly recommend the hike.


This trail is 3 miles round-trip and is classified as difficult due to the steep incline on one part of the trail (total elevation increase of 480ft or 146.3 meters). There is no shade at the arch for most of the day so bring sunscreen or a hat if you are susceptible to sunburns.



The first section of the trail is clearly marked and it leads to a steep sheet of rock. In this area there are some petroglyphs that were created between 1650-1850 A.D by the Ute Native American tribe. The little animal and people figures are quite intriguing.

Take your time going up the rock sheet and make sure to drink plenty of water! It is recommended to have at least 2 liters of water per person. Sturdy shoes, preferably with ankle support, are also a necessity for most hikes in this park as well.


Once you reach the top of the rock face there is a trail to the left that you can follow. It is not as defined, but if you are questioning the direction you are going, stay left and look for the little rock towers people have made. These are always a good indication you are going the correct way.


Next there is a rock ledge that you will walk on towards Delicate Arch. To see an framed point of view of Delicate Arch, climb the rock wall where there is another smaller arch above you along the path. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Once you get to Delicate Arch relax, drink some water, and watch all the silly people taking pictures. I will say if you want to get a picture of the arch with no people in it, patience is key!


The surrounding landscape at Delicate Arch is extraordinary as well. This hike is one of a kind!


What about you? Have you hiked to Delicate Arch? What did you enjoy most?

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