A Day at Garden of the Gods

When visiting Colorado Springs you must go see Garden of the Gods. It is a variety of colorful landmarks found nowhere else. Out of all places the park is located in the middle of the city and it’s free! The free part is probably why it is a big tourist attraction. We went during a weekend and it was crawling with people, but definitely worth the visit. I do advise to try to go on a week day. You have a great view of Pikes Peak from Garden of the Gods as well.

I also suggest going to the visitor center before you start exploring. There is a bunch of information about the area including a model map of the park. They have restrooms, a gift shop, and places to eat. Not to mention the awesome view from the balcony.

You could easily spend a full day exploring this area. There are plenty of trails to walk on and a drive loop that takes about half an hour to go around. Pull off areas provide picturesque views of the Garden of the Gods. Other activities include biking, horse riding, and mountain climbing.

One last piece of advice-bring water. Especially during the summer, it can get really hot. Overall I would rate this location a 3/5.


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