Curry Hammock Beach

On one of our last days in the Florida Keys we decided to go check out some of the different beaches. The first beach we stopped at was Curry Hammock Beach. Most beaches in the Keys are protected state park areas including this one. Be prepared to pay a fee per person, not vehicle. The price differs based on how popular the beach is. We typically had to pay between $8-$15 with a car of 4 or 5 people.

When we entered the park there was plenty of parking and a map of the area which was nice. The beach was a decent size for the Keys. Most are very small, but this beach had areas to spread out and it was not crowded whatsoever. We laid our towels out and soaked in the sun. It was a fairly hot day so sunscreen was definitely needed!

The water was pretty clear and we brought a Frisbee to throw around. As we walked down the beach there was an area covered in shells.

To our surprise almost every single shell was filled with a hermit crab!

Literally, every single shell…

The park also had kayaks and canoes to rent out at a very affordable price. Feel free to bring your own too! One couple we spoke to said there was a mangrove tunnel you can go through when the tide is low and you can also paddle out to one of the islands that is close by.

On a scale of 1-5 I would rate Curry Hammock Beach a 3. It wasn’t crowded and had many neat activities and wildlife, but you had to pay to get in and the water wasn’t as clear as other beaches we visited.

Have you been to Curry Hammock State Park? What beaches do you recommend in the area?

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