First Impression of the Florida Keys

Over the past week I was in the lovely Florida Keys. This was a new destination for me and I was jittery just thinking about it! The drive was long, but definitely worth it in the end. When we first arrived I had a few thoughts run through my head.

First, unfortunately my thoughts were negative, because traffic absolutely sucked. I highly recommend avoiding driving during lunch and dinner hours. There was a drawbridge at Key Largo that was causing a massive line of cars.

Key Largo Drawbridge Traffic


My second thought was much more positive and that was the temperature was amazing! At that point in time there was snow in my hometown so the change was quite uplifting.

Picnic Table at Annie’s Beach


The third image that is nailed into my mind is the scenery. The drive down was absolutely amazing! I have never seen so many gorgeous blue shades in crystal clear water before. The bridges provided an exceptional point of view of the vast ocean.

Road at Bahia Honda Beach


Another thought of mine when I walked out of the car was mangroves smell…really bad. I’ve always heard of people talk about mangroves in a positive way, which had me thinking they would smell good like flowers or maple trees. Welp, that was a complete misconception. A better description may be the smell of rotting fish poop.

Mangroves (Credit)


Finally, I found that I love the locals. We went out to eat for dinner because we had no groceries, and our waitress was super helpful and friendly. She told us fun places to see and asked us about our trip. Everyone I met seemed to have a positive attitude and high spirit.

Walking in Key West


Overall I had a positive first impression of the Florida Keys. It was such an amazing experience! Oh, one last thing…beware of nude old men at the beach. I was not expecting to walk out in the ocean at a public beach and look back to see a butt naked guy causally standing with his feet in the water, hands on hips, soaking in the sun (on ALL parts of his body). SCARED FOR LIFE!! Thankfully he went and hid behind the bush that was separating mine and his part of the beach. How considerate…


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