Sushi Umi Outing

Over the past year and a half I have found a new, unfortunately expensive, favorite food…Sushi! I have always been a fan of seafood, but for the longest time I’ve been afraid to try sushi. I don’t know why I was so nervous to try it; maybe the raw fish part, but now it is all I want to eat!

This past time we went to get sushi we tried lots of new rolls. We try something new every time. Meals normally come with a salad and soup. I personally love soup. In many Asian cultures soups are used as cleansing or healing agents.

We also tried hot wine on this occasion. It was very bitter, but it definitely had a way of clearing up your sinuses. The wine came in a taller glass with a smaller cup to drink out of.

We ordered a Bento Box to split. In the Bento box were teriyaki chicken, rice, deep fried vegetables and shrimp, a salad, and California rolls. California rolls are cooked rolls with cucumber, avocado, and crab meat surrounded by sticky rice. Normally sushi comes with ginger and wasabi to put on top.

One of the new things we tried was masago. It consists of some sort of fish wrapped in rice and seaweed and topped off with tiny capelin roe eggs. I personally did not like this kind of sushi. I think it was the texture that got to me.

We ordered a platter that had spicy salmon, spicy tuna, and more California rolls. In this picture spicy tuna is on the left, California is in the center and spicy salmon is on the right.

The next thing we tried was Hamachi which is yellow tail fish. It was enjoyable. I was a little freaked out about the eggs on top after eating the masago at first, but the roll was tasty. We also tried what is now my personnel favorite, Philadelphia rolls. The Philadelphia roll has salmon, cucumber, and cream cheese all wrapped in rice.


Finally the last sushi we tried was Amaebi, or sweet shrimp. When the waitress told us Amaebi was sweet shrimp we thought we were going to get some sort of shrimp in a roll. Instead we got this!

At first we were a little surprised, but being somewhat adventurous, and the fact we are college students and didn’t want to waste our money, we still went ahead and tried the “sweet shrimp.” Something you should know when eating sweet shrimp is that it’s not actually sweet. In fact, it is very, very salty. I did not mind Amaebi, but it probably isn’t something I would try again.

Needless to say, our stomachs were more than satisfied. It was a successful sushi outing!


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