Miracles at the Nursing Home Part 2: The Miracle



As I said in the first part of this post, after hearing another person’s experience at the nursing home I kinda lost it. This girl had a moment at the nursing home that can only be described as a miracle. You hear of miracles happening to a friend of a friend of a friend, but personally I have never experienced anything close to home. Well, let me tell you, this one hit real close to home…

The bus on the way back to the complex from the nursing home was very quiet. A few people were crying, which was understandable. Most had never witnessed others living in those conditions before. After we returned to the complex our group had a debriefing meeting to talk about the week and what we experienced that day. Throughout the whole hour while we talked and shared what we witnessed and how it has changed our point of view of the world, one of our team members quietly sobbed to herself.

Once our team was dismissed I held her back and began to talk to her. Of course I started out asking if she was Ok and her response was the typical ‘Yea I’m going to be fine.’ I started to share some of my experiences and felt like a fool later when she told me hers. After a while she started to tell me her story.

She started off by saying she was close to her grandfather and he had passed away that year. For so long she had felt that she never got to say goodbye to him. It was obvious she missed him very much. Then she told me that at the nursing home there was this man who looked so much like her grandfather. He had the same facial shapes and just reminded her of him in general. Going there we were told none of the residence could speak English and they had no background information about us whatsoever. For this reason it was very hard to communicate to the residence.

At the end of our visit we were all saying goodbye and giving hugs to the residence. She went over to the man who looked like her grandfather to say goodbye and gave him a hug. That is when the miracle happened. While hugging her, the man whispered into her ear, “He loves you.” Because of the strong Catholic faith in the area she just played it off as oh yea God loves me. Then the man once again in ENGLISH said, “No, your grandfather loves you.” First off, this man was not supposed to be able to speak English and did. Second, this man had no background information about any of us including her, yet he spoke of this girl’s grandfather who passed away as if he knew him well. We were in a completely different country for Christ sake!

I sat there dumbfounded for at least 5 minutes after she finished telling me her story. There was no possible way that this man knew about her grandfather and until that day he supposedly could not speak a lick on English. I just looked at her and flat out said that this was nothing short of a miracle. She said herself she had no idea what to think of the whole event. Then she went on to tell me that for the first time in months she felt relieved and comforted. For so long all she wanted to do was to say goodbye to her grandfather and finally she felt like she had. I was overjoyed when she told me this.

She gave me permission to share her story and this is why I write to you today. This story is true. I did not make it up, yet as I sit here today writing I still feel like it was a dream. After I was done talking to her of course being me with a bunch of emotions built up from that week went back and just cried my eyes out. But they weren’t sad tears; they were tears of joy and maybe some for a little confusion. I will say one thing though, I will never take the time I have with my family for granted again and I will never forget this amazing story, a complete miracle.

What about you? Do you have an explanation for this miracle? Because if so, I would really like to know. Have you ever experienced a miracle before?


4 responses to “Miracles at the Nursing Home Part 2: The Miracle

  1. This is a country of miracles. Miracles happen every day in everyone’s lives. You just have to be open to seeing them. Mostly people (myself included) go about our days too busy to notice.

    From: http://locagringa.wordpress.com/2014/05/01/y-la-gente-for-hilary/

    “People always ask me why I’m in DR. I tell them, “I love the people.” That is a statement from the heart. I wish I could do more to help them but the best I can do is to get the word out.

    I met a little angel that day, 2 or 3 years old (she told me she was 2, she may very well have been 2). Her name was Hilary. She came up to me wanting hugs and to pick her up. She was hugging my legs, a real “cling-on.” That never happens. Children just don’t do that with me. There is never any closeness, just a little bit of play. Then I remembered seeing her in a different area a day or two before at a medical clinic run by the same foundation.

    I learned that she was abandoned. Her prostitute mother didn’t want her. She’d been living with the Pastora since she was born. I picked her up in my arms, she weighed very little. Tears streamed down my face as I held her close and loved her, and hugged her, and rocked her. I whispered in her ear, “teamo, siempre (I love you always).” She hugged a little harder and responded, “y la gente (and the people).” I cried a little harder, not too much as I didn’t want to scare her. Such a truth coming from these angelic lips … “Y la gente,” she said. Those very words that I continuously speak.

    This was clearly a sign from God. I’ve had many in my life, but none where as much of a wake-up call and a slap in the face as this was as to God’s existence. I’ve never not believed, I just simply forget about God. And, there were many signs this day. Jesus was everywhere. The jeepeta was slightly cut-off on the highway. The offender had a big bold bumper sticker saying “Jesus loves you.” Next thing, my phone rings and it’s my friend Jesus the guitarist. Tooooooo many in one day to ignore. Don’t get me wrong here. I am not one of those born-again Christians. I’m just a little Catholic girl that regularly loses her way. And that’s OK, God doesn’t expect me to be perfect.


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