Curiosity Won’t Kill This Cat!

It’s only Tuesday and this week has been the longest week of my life! It is one of those weeks right before break that seems to take forever. Usually these weeks go by fast for me because I have so many exams and papers to finish. Normally I can’t even breathe right before break. However, that was last week for me, which leaves me AAALLLLLLL this week to wait till eternity.

If you have not guessed by now, next week I will be in the Dominican Republic! Let me tell you I am more than ready to get out of this God-forsaken cold weather and into some hot rays. At home I already have my suitcase half packed full of donation items to give to the organization that is hosting us. I haven’t packed my carry-on, but I already have a list and some of it in a pile ready to go. Other than just a few small items all the things I needed to buy because I did not own have been purchased.


The only thing I am not really concerned about, but rather curious about is the people I will be traveling with. I am not in the least bit worried that I won’t get along with anyone (that’s the least of my worries). It’s just that I don’t actually KNOW the majority of the people going. I have two friends, but other than that…no one! I guess at home I always knew the people I was traveling with because they were at my church or went to my school, but it’s not like a person can know everyone on a college campus. Although, that would be pretty impressive I have to say. Our last meeting is tomorrow so I guess I will find out then!

Another thing I have wondered about is what it will be like there. Will this trip be like my other trips I have taken or completely different? No trip is the same, but I will be in a brand new location. How will the people around me act to being in a much poorer location than the United States? How will I act? I haven’t done something like this in two years! Who knows maybe I will go into culture shock all over again like I did the first time I went to a 3rd world country! I’m pretty certain that won’t happen though. I wonder if other people I’m traveling with will go through that state of feeling like they should quit school and stay there to help the people they have met. Will they keep the hard emotions on the inside or share them with others? Will they try to secretly give everyone they see money because they feel heartbroken for them? Or will they give them other things like love, hugs, and smiles? Who is going to be the person that brings every kind of medicine known to mankind? Who will be the person that gets sick whether from food or from the flight? Who will hold back their love and who will pour out everything they have? Who will I connect and grow with the most?

There is one aspect that I am sure of; every one of us will be changed or transformed in some way or another. Volunteer trips like these do not bring the same person who came back. No, instead they bring a transformed person who has a more worldly view and a bigger heart for those who have less.

On a much lighter note, one more thing I am quite curious about is


I took Spanish for four years, but haven’t touched it in two. Hopefully I know what I’m talking about, but it wouldn’t surprise me if people looked at me like I’m an idiot. Oh well, as long as I don’t offend anybody it won’t matter. Hopefully I will just make them laugh. It wouldn’t be the first time someone looks at me like I am crazy!


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