Artist Point: Yellowstone National Park

Artist Point

Artist Point

I’m not the kind of person that likes to go to all the normal traveling sites. Sure if I had the chance to visit the Eiffel Tower I would go, but most likely only once. Big tourist crowds bother me. There are always people in your pictures and the nice spots to get a good shot are normally taken by someone else. So while hiking up to Artist Point in Yellowstone National Park I was quite skeptical, especially after hearing it is the most photographed place in the entire park.

As I walked up and passed thirty some people (a lot for Yellowstone) I began to wonder if the stop here was worth it. Closer to the top I allowed myself to glance out at what everyone was taking pictures of. All I could say was, “Wow!” I was in awestruck. Immediately I took out my camera and began shooting.

After taking about ten pictures I climbed the rest of the way up the stairs and looked out again. The view was even better! I soon became just like all those other tourists and photographers as I took picture after picture.

It is easy to say that the view was just simply beautiful. The warm colored canyon was like a path leading up to a masterpiece. The bright blue sky framed the waterfall perfectly. Artist Point soon became one of my favorite places in the park.

I am happy to say I didn’t have too hard of a time getting a great picture. We managed to even get one of myself 🙂

My rating: 4 ½ stars

What about you? What are your opinions on Artist Point? Are largely known travel sites overrated? Leave a comment below!


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