It’s Just Stinkin’ Cold!

During the snowpocalypse 2014

During the snowpocalypse 2014

I decided to venture away from travel talk and discuss the weather today, because it seems to be the only thing people are talking about right now. With the arctic temperatures and snowpocalypse, everyone has been mentioning the weather everywhere I go. “Are you staying warm?” “It is freezing outside!” “What?! It’s in the negatives again?!” I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard those phrases the past month.

To be completely honest I love the snow. It may be because at the moment I don’t have to drive in it, but when I did, I did not mind that either. Snow is so pretty the way it coats the trees in silvery icicles   and the way it piles on everything making the world a winter wonderland. Often times I go out to trying to capture the photogenic element and its majesticness with my camera. Walking through snow-covered woods is so peaceful. I also love all the fun activities that come with snow: sledding, ice-skating, skiing, snowboarding, just to name a few. Of course no one can forget about snowball fights and building snowmen. Hot chocolate is one of my favorite drinks (I drink it even in the summer time), and I always look forward to a hot cup of cocoa after and eventful day out in the snow. It warms up your insides and brightens your soul!

                                                                                                                            Now there are aspects of winter that I do not like. For instance, wind…I hate wind. It cuts through all fifty layers of clothes and hits your skin to shudder your insides. It’s as if it enjoys watching you shudder because just when you think it’s done another gust comes whipping through all over again. I have been cutting through buildings to get to class and putting my scarf over my face so I don’t have to breathe in the cold. My school closed because of the Arctic winds that went through. Colleges never close! This, hands down, has been the coldest winter I have ever been through.

Even after pondering on all this I realized that I really want to go to Antarctica. I’m not kidding, if I had the opportunity I would go. There is something about unexplored places that draws me in. The fact that most of the continent has been unexplored and it’s on the bottom of the world excites me! Plus it would be pretty awesome if I came across some penguins. Even though it would be way colder than it is here I would suck it up, put on a heavier coat and gear, and truck out into the weather to capture the beauty and fierceness of nature just for the fun of it. What can I say; my craving for adventure is stronger than the need for comfort.

What about you? How’s the weather treating you? Have you ever considered going to Antarctica?


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