My First Run on a Beach

While in Florida I went running in the mornings. I figured if I’m going to indulge three times the normal amount of food I eat, I should probably try to exercise a little. So I got up in the morning and ran around town. I love running in town because you get the chance to discover all the little shops you miss while speeding down the road in a car. On a day that I had a long run I decided to run on the beach.

So when I woke up on that cool morning (it was in March), I laced up my shoes, slapped on my watch, put in my earbuds, and started jogging towards the beach. Once I got there I stopped to stretch while listening to God knows what at 7am. There were tons of cute little retired ladies walking, collecting shells as the waves washed them up on the beach. Anyways, I have heard it is very difficult to run on a beach but I have been running for years so it couldn’t be that bad right? WRONG!!!

At the end the only motivation I had was the cute guy running in front of me! Running on the beach is the hardest terrain I have ever ran on! The softness of the sand makes your shoes sink and most of the time the ground is slanted making it next to impossible to keep your pace.

And I admit it…I might have ended my run a little early. I was just DEAD! So I applaud all of you runners who can run on the beach for hours. You have really great endurance and probably very large calf muscles. For me I will stick to my trails in the woods and sidewalks so I can scout out a place to eat after my morning run.

Do you run or exercise on vacation? Have you ever ran on the beach? What was one of your beach running experiences?


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